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In Good Taste: Tresidder Decadence lives up to name

For the past five weeks of school, “Decadence” has been a word of mystery. While scarfing down your Panda Express or indulging in some pumpkin Fraiche, you probably noticed that this curiously enticing vendor was “coming soon” to Tresidder. The curtain has finally been unveiled: Decadence, Stanford’s first-ever sweet shop, has made its debut.

GRACE KLARIS/The Stanford Daily

The store doesn’t limit itself to one specialty. Although chocolate seems to be the main appeal, this confectioner offers many selections. It’s easy to get swept up in the allure of the “rocky road cheesecake” or “chocolate tower,” but your ventures to test out the rest of the spread will prove fruitful.

The hot, freshly baked chocolate chip cookie was one of the best I’ve had on campus and is not to be overlooked. Pro tip: Any cookie can be heated upon request, so don’t settle for room temperature. In addition, an unassuming petit fort was surprisingly satisfying — ultra moist vanilla and apricot cake coated in rich white chocolate.

The shop’s whimsy shines through in some of its more creative items. “Shooters,” small, portable dessert cups, come in a variety of seasonal flavors like chocolate mousse, eggnog and pumpkin. These miniature treats make for a perfect end to your Heirlooms salad or as a pick me up before your 1:15 class.

GRACE KLARIS/The Stanford Daily

Decadence also rotates cakes often, so their “cake du jour” may be “mochalicious” one day and “chocolate heaven” the next. I got to sample the “Niagra,” which combined dark chocolate cake with layers of cream and vanilla frosting. Although its flavor lacked depth and richness or even “decadence,” its presentation was impressive. Similarly, the “tiramisu cylinder” was exquisitely constructed, but lacked the quintessential kick of espresso of a classic tiramisu.

One of the more successful desserts is the “chocolate lava cake.” Disclaimer: This treat comes with directions. After paying, march your cake over to the nearby microwave and heat until desired level of gooeyness is obtained. Remove, eat, enjoy.

Overall, the shop succeeds in filling a much-needed gap in Stanford’s dining options. It offers beautifully displayed desserts that, for the most part, taste as good as they look. And if you’re stressing about a friend’s birthday or the upcoming holiday season, Decadence is the perfect place to find great gifts. Boxes of dainty macaroons and chocolate truffles will be a welcomed change of pace from the ubiquitous bookstore paraphernalia. (Who doesn’t need 15 pairs of Stanford underwear?) But don’t wait until then to head over; Decadence encourages us to indulge a little bit every day, and I can’t argue with that.