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Michael Tubbs elected to Stockton City Council with 60 percent of vote

Michael Tubbs ’12 (Photo courtesy of Tamer Shabani).

Michael Tubbs ’12 has been elected to Stockton City Council’s sixth district, beating incumbent Republican Dale Fritchen.

Just after midnight, with 132 precincts reporting, Tubbs had secured 60.3 percent of votes compared to Fritchen’s 39.7 percent.

The 29,699 ballots cast for Tubbs, a Democrat, make him the most popular Stockton city official elected today. He is currently over his pre-election goal of 60 percent of the vote.

Only 22, Tubbs graduated from Stanford in June and is only the third politician to be endorsed by Oprah Winfrey, behind President Barack Obama and mayor Cory Booker ’91 M.A. ’92 of Newark.

“I think we really showed what is possible,” Tubbs told The Daily. “I think we really inspired a lot of people in Stockton, but also everywhere, to… make communities better places.”

Tubbs, the son of a single mother and an incarcerated father, grew up in Stockton before starting at Stanford in 2008. Since his graduation in June, he has been splitting time on the campaign trail with his job as coordinator of the University of the Pacific’s community environment program.

His activism in the Stockton community includes the founding of nonprofit organizations like Save Our Stockton– which he founded as a sophomore at Stanford– and the Summer Success and Leadership Academy at the University of the Pacific. More recently, he founded the Phoenix Scholars, a mentorship and college admissions program for underprivileged youth.

In 2010, he served as an intergovernmental affairs intern at the White House, working under senior adviser Valerie Jarrett and studying responses by different cities to issues of violence and crime.

As the campaign entered its final weeks, Tubbs unexpectedly secured the endorsement of the Stockton Record, Stockton’s daily newspaper. He has also been endorsed by Stockton-area figures like Congressman Jerry McNerney and rapper MC Hammer.

His margin of victory tonight may have been a surprise to some, but for Tubbs, it had been his goal headed into election night.

“I personally would like 60 percent,” he said to The Daily in a pre-election interview. “It would give a nice little mandate for change.”


About Edward Ngai

Edward Ngai is a senior staff writer at The Stanford Daily. Previously, he has worked as a news desk editor, staff development editor and columnist. He was president and editor-in-chief of The Daily for Vol. 244 (2013-2014). Edward is a junior from Vancouver, Canada studying political science. This summer, he is the Daniel Pearl Memorial Intern at the Wall Street Journal.
  • ok……….

    let’s hope he’s not all fluff like he was at stanford and can actually bring about positive changes in this new role. i have a hard time believing he isn’t like most other politicians, because of how he was at stanford. also, unlike many politicians, he isn’t even a great orator. he delivered possibly the worst (terribly awkward pauses and sentences that did not coalesce in any logical or meaningful way) grad speech i’ve ever heard at black grad 2012. and, how hard is it really to replace an incumbent in stockton…

  • Ashley

    I support LEAD alumni such as Michael, I too am expecting great things from this young man.

  • Get Real

    Have a conversation with the man. He’s a nice guy but has absolutely no grasp of good policies or programs that can solve their problems. All he has run on is that the current situation sucks – which it does – but knows little about what to be done. He’s done great work with Phoenix scholars and on campus, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to be a god-send to the city of Stockton. There’s something to be said about someone with his background succeeding at Stanford and running for office at a young age, but let’s not act like we are confident in his policy choices. He’s run a good and smart campaign, but it’s the next few years that really matter.

    Tubbs – Best of luck, you have very high expectations to meet from all your lofty rhetoric over the past few months. Not even the President could meet those expectations.

    Stanford student tired of Tubbs talking about himself like he’s a saint and other people acting like he has accomplished something just by existing.

  • cool story bro

    In real journalism, this is what we call a puff piece.