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With the market flooded with hundreds of thousands of mobile apps for every conceivable purpose, how is a busy consumer to know what’s worth downloading and what’s not? We’ve broken down, by category, some of the best apps you’ve probably never heard of.

Social Sharing: Mumbo. Think Instagram, but with more personality and fewer gratuitous self-portraits.

This free social sharing app allows you to share and edit your photos with filters and stamps, generate memes, share your location and start interactive polls on multiple social networks or customizable friend groups. Available for iOS, Android and the Web.

Fashion: Poshmark. Your neighborhood swap meet in the palm of your hand.

This free fashion-shopping app allows you to sell and buy used and new clothes á la eBay’s auction model and set up swap meet parties, called Posh Parties, with your neighborhood Poshmark community. The posting process is seamless (pun intended) and easy-to-use with picture filters to posh up the look of your old wardrobe. When your dorm “closet” just isn’t enough space, turn to Poshmark to alleviate your load of bro tanks. Available for iOS.

Courtesy of Poshmark

Restaurant & Food Guides: Foodspotting. Find and recommend dishes, not just restaurants.

This free and delicious restaurant guide allows you to visually taste dishes and menus from your local neighborhoods with user-uploaded pictures of favorite dishes to accompany restaurant reviews. Because we all know how difficult it is to navigate an ethnic food menu – they just list ingredients! – the picture menu can come in handy, especially around the Bay Area. Another perk to the app is that you can read reviews of local restaurants from food critics like Anthony Bourdain, culinary adventurer and TV celeb. Available for iOS, Android, Blackberry and the Web.

Games: The Oregon Trail: American Settler. Because dying of dysentery is just as fun now as it was when you were in third grade.

This free gaming app allows you to relive the floppy disk days of your childhood and play a resource-gathering and village-building simulation of the Oregon Trail adventure with your own customizable crew and wagon. The mini games have expanded to more than just squirrel and bison hunting; the lucky pioneer in you can now fish for trout and create your own frontier village. And you didn’t come west for nothing, so embrace those Lewis and Clark roots and start ‘splorin! Available for iOS and Android.

eReader: Comics. An ideal app for “The Avengers” bandwagoners.

This free eReader app allows you to read your favorite comic books – excuse me, graphic novels – with their patented Guided View technology that presents each page on a panel-to-panel sequence. Their library includes 500 free comics, along with a library of over 20,000 graphic novels from famous publishers like Marvel and DC. And if you’ve been drooling over all those “Dark Knight” trailers Chris Nolan keeps teasing us with, you may want to do some studying up with Comics. Available for iOS and Android.

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