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‘Rove v. Gibbs’ is not helping

As the masses fill up Circus MemAud this afternoon to watch Rove vs. Gibbs, the biggest surprise for me is that the debate isn’t happening on Sunday SUNDAY SUNDAY!!! Wasn’t it just last week that we were calling for a more civil political discourse in the aftermath of ASSU election season?

“Which party is better suited to lead?” This is a question that is being asked. I fail to see how any self-respecting educational institution can sanction the idea of essentialism in one’s party alignment, much less apply it to leadership capabilities. We put on events like this and then wonder why American politics is so toxic and partisan. I hope those attending are at least planning on pre-gaming, because from the looks of it, this debate is spectacle and nothing more.

Peter McDonald ’11

Occupier of Meyer Library

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