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Letter from the Editor



Dear Readers,


I would like to clarify and comment on our recent and continuing coverage of the arrest of Fadi Quran ’10 in Hebron, West Bank. This story was a significant undertaking for The Daily and an important piece of breaking news for our community.


A few questions have surfaced about news desk editor Kristian Davis Bailey’s ability to fairly cover Quran’s arrest.


Kristian signed a divestment petition circulated by Students for Palestinian Equal Rights (SPER) this year. He is not a member of this group. The petition calls for Stanford to divest from “companies whose direct violations of international law have an injurious impact on Palestinians.”


Kristian did not report his signature to a Daily editor because he viewed the issues of divestment and Quran’s arrest separately.


I stand by Kristian’s coverage as fair and accurate. The Daily should have disclosed his signature on the SPER petition. An annotation disclosing Kristian’s signature on the SPER petition has been appended to his articles online.



Margaret Rawson

President and Editor in Chief, Vol. CCXLI

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