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NBC reporters escorted from Crothers


The Stanford University Department of Public Safety (SUDPS) was called to escort National Broadcasting Company (NBC) reporters out of Crothers Hall Sunday evening around 5:15 p.m., according to an email sent to dorm residents by Resident Fellow Corinne Thomas.


NBC was interviewing residents about several incidents in the dorm earlier this month. Earlier this week, the Stanford Police sent an all-campus alert after a female, Crothers Hall resident reported a subject reaching his hand under a shower curtain and attempting to photograph her on Monday evening. That was the fourth such incident in Crothers this month, though the previous three incidents were not reported until Monday.


The NBC interviews–including one with Stephanie Goss ’14–aired at 11 P.M. Sunday evening.


In the email, Thomas requested that anyone who saw the reporters again notify the police, and that students interacting with the media do so outside the dorm.


“[NBC reporters] are not allowed in the dorms to solicit interviews: this is your home and it is a private residence,” she said. “If anyone wants to be interviewed–and find themselves on the evening news–by NBC or other media, you can meet them elsewhere.”


She also noted that all reporters should “go through the Stanford News Service.”


-Ellora Israni

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