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Top 5: Reasons you should read ‘Bossypants’


Tina Fey’s new book “Bossypants” hit shelves Tuesday, which is the same day
Intermission drove to Borders to pick up a copy (not that we’ve been excitedly waiting or anything since we first saw the burly armed cover in October).

(1) It’s written by Tina Fey, duh.
She’s the woman who gave us Liz Lemon, “Mean Girls” and the world’s best Sarah Palin impersonation. With that track record, how could this book not be a home run?

(2) The praise on the back of the book.
Example: “You’d be really pretty if you lost weight.” – College Boyfriend,
1990. Second example: “Totally worth it.” – Trees.

(3) She wore a “kickass white denim suit” to Senior Awards Night 1988.
“The jacket that zipped all the way down the front into a nice fitted shape. The white denim that made my untanned skin look like a color. Just once I’d like to find an Oscars or Emmys dress as rad as this suit.” (See accompanying photo on page 16).

(4) She refuses to use the word blond.
“Why do I call it ‘yellow’ hair and not ‘blond’ hair? Because I’m pretty sure
everybody calls my hair ‘brown.’ When I read fairy tales to my daughter I always change the
word ‘blond’ to ‘yellow,’ because I don’t want her to think that blond hair is somehow better.”

(5)Young Tina Fey pictures.
Liz Lemon’s terrible haircuts on “30 Rock” weren’t too far off.

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