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Top 5 ways to know you’re not prepared for finals

Happy dead week folks! Now comes that glorious time of the quarter when we collectively melt down and freak out. For some of us, it’s when we realize we’d rather stick pushpins into our heads or strangle a monkey than study. Others would rather lick the lint off the ground. While somehow, most of us manage to pull it together, there’s always an unfortunate few who don’t. Here are some red flags that suggest you may fall into the latter category.

Ways to know you’re unprepared for finals

Your book still makes that fresh, cracking sound
You’ve flirted with the idea of opening it but have put it off until now. It’s always satisfying to crack open a textbook and inhale that new book smell but definitely not when you have to absorb all the information inside of it before your final the next day.

You don’t know what your professor looks like
This is usually a pretty clear indicator that either A) you never go to class, or B) when you do go, you’re never awake long enough to learn anything useful.

You don’t know where your section is
Thinking of salvaging those participation points? It’s kind of hard to make a last-ditch effort when you don’t even know where to go.

You realize your final was three hours ago
This is pretty self-explanatory.

You waste your time making lists.
Lists are the first step to productivity if you actually work to check things off. However, compiling inane lists like these is generally the first step in the opposite direction.