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GSC talks chat list drama


Graduate Student Council (GSC) members expressed concern for e-mail spam on their mailing list at Wednesday evening’s meeting as ASSU executives Angelina Cardona ’11 and Kelsei Wharton ’12 pushed for cohesion between the Undergraduate Senate, GSC and executive cabinet.

Council members discussed moderating the GSC mailing list after co-chair Justin Brown, a graduate student in geophysics, described discussions he saw this week on the Senate list.

“I get concerned [about] when the undergraduate senators get on our list, because we’re going to have the same types of discussions on our listserv that they have,” Brown said.

The conversation on the ASSU Senate list “is literally a conversation between two people about one little thing,” he added. “One thing that’s really important about our list is that our conversations need to stay focused and not about things like, ‘I’m so ashamed of the people last year who did this,’ or ‘I can’t believe they just said this.’ We don’t want drama.”

However, council members and executives expressed sharp disapproval of the proposal to create a new list specifically for the 15-member council.

“It’s not an issue of whether we need a separate e-mail list,” said GSC member Krystal St. Julien, a graduate student in biochemistry. “That’s an issue of the moderator moderating.”

Cardona and Wharton said cohesion between the legislative bodies and cabinet was important.

“It’s important that there is an outlet of conversation between the Senate and the GSC,” Cardona said. “I think that we can say that there will not be the same bickering on the GSC list as the Senate list, since the Senate this year only has one returning member. The discussion last night was between past senators.”

The GSC ultimately decided to moderate discussions on the list, as well as to establish a posting policy to be sent out to all non-GSC members.

Cabinet members Viviana Arcia ‘13, Tenzin Seldon ‘12 and Taylor Winfield ’13 attended the meeting to explain their plans for the upcoming year. After grilling the new chairs, council members confirmed that the cabinet members would be working on graduate issues as well as undergraduate issues.

GSC members passed the bill to confirm the 2010-11 cabinet with 13 members approving and one member abstaining.

Additionally, a bill to modify the ASSU executive budget was passed with an amendment to transfer $1,000 out of the vice president’s salary into general discretionary funds. Wharton plans to complete an internship in New York for 10 weeks during the summer.

The GSC transportation advocacy committee announced there would be changes to the B line Marguerite bus routes for the upcoming year and that an increase in parking permit prices may be on the horizon.

Brown was unanimously elected to chair the stipends advocacy committee. With five goals in mind for the year, Brown plans to make sure graduate students are adequately funded.

“If you get a stipend, the GSC advocates for you,” he said.

Additionally, the GSC approved $400 from programming discretionary funds for the Stanford German Student Association.

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