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Pragada: The Ink Bowl

I don’t remember what the final score was in last year’s Ink Bowl. The only thing I remember is that we lost.

It was a terrible, crushing experience, one that I hope to never encounter again. To fall to your mortal enemies, on your home turf, by such a decimating margin…it was the worst possible feeling. We limped off the field with our heads in our hands, knowing that we had failed.

Golub: An expectation of consent

Today is Christopher Columbus Day, a symbolic celebration of our country’s lifelong commitment to the erasure of Native Americans without their consent. Two days ago was Stanford football’s Set The Expectation game, a symbolic celebration of football’s commitment to present itself as an upstanding, positive institution while it exploits players’ bodies and in many cases…

Westhem: Stanford lives and breathes “intellectual brutality”

I wrote earlier this year that I would never study abroad during fall quarter because I am a diehard college football fan, and it would kill me to have to watch home games at the crack of dawn via some questionable live-streaming site in some foreign country. And yet, I find myself guilty of not flying back to campus for the Notre Dame game. Trust me, it was painful watching from home, so I got my due punishment.