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Famine’s afoot

It may be very easy to sit back and say something to the effect of “oh, aren’t all these natural disasters horrible.” While it is true that the situation is not good and we should feel empathy... Read More »

In solidarity

In the era of an American President who endorses “grabbing women by the pussy,” limits on reproductive freedom, pervasive rape culture and disrespectful media representations, feminism is a... Read More »

On poetic truth

The more poetry I read, though, the less I think about objective truth. It is certainly important to have it, but what makes me feel exhilarated and full-stomached and out of breath when I read poems... Read More »

Lights out

Last Tuesday evening, just hours before International Women’s Day and the “A Day Without a Woman” protests, the Statue of Liberty’s lights flickered out. Lady Liberty stood in the dark for... Read More »