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Justice in Paris

A week ago, the United Nations COP 21 climate negotiations ended with a signed deal touted as a victory. I want to highlight an extremely important component of climate change conversations that is... Read More »

We are not going away

On Monday, 375 students and faculty members rallied in front of the Office of the President and the Provost. Since then, between 80 and 100 students have been sitting in, camped in tents surrounding... Read More »

No laughing matter

I would like to comment on the situation unfolding at many of America’s universities. My father was a white man born in Kingston, Pennsylvania and my mother is a black woman born in Kingston,... Read More »

The press release we deserved

Stanford University announced today that it would expand its definition of sexual assault to include all non-consensual sexual acts. This change brings Stanford into line with the definition used by... Read More »