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Lily Zheng, '17, is a columnist for The Stanford Daily. She is a Bay Area native, Social Psychology major, and co-president of the student group Kardinal Kink who loves to write about the intersections of sex, identity, gender, queerness, and activism. In her spare time, she enjoys playing first-person shooters, lounging around topless, and spending quality time with her partners. Contact her at lilyz8 'at', she loves getting messages!

A Warm Welcome

Admission to Stanford is not a golden ticket to the chocolate factory of privilege, and it certainly is not a free pass to avoid discomfort. As students in this university, we have a responsibility to... Read More »

The R word

Lily Zheng

In order to move from these basic realities into more nuanced discussions on activism, resistance, survival, and healing, we must move past our fear of acknowledging racism. Only by confronting our... Read More »