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Stanford getting a case of the flags for the first time this season. Caspers called for a hold and Bright for a false start: 1 min ago, StanfordDaily Sports
Stanford run blocking on display this drive: 2 mins ago, StanfordDaily Sports
Stanford goes with the bubble screen to Rector. Great block by Owusu by Jaleel Wadood (of The Catch fame) makes a wonderful tackle: 4 mins ago, StanfordDaily Sports
Bouncer off a kickoff fielded by Rector and taken to the 30: 6 mins ago, StanfordDaily Sports
And Stanford takes the field. C-Mac, D-Lloyd, Solly, and Johnny "The Machine" Caspers out for the coin toss: 9 mins ago, StanfordDaily Sports
Here come the Bruins: 11 mins ago, StanfordDaily Sports
Denzel Franklin does not appear to be dressed for this game down on the sideline: 30 mins ago, StanfordDaily Sports

Marquess statue among planned Sunken Diamond renovations

As part of the ongoing construction efforts on campus, Klein Field at Sunken Diamond, home of Stanford baseball, will be receiving a facelift at the conclusion of the season.

“After all of the work that we did on Stanford Stadium last summer, Sunken Diamond was next on our list to receive facility upgrades and we’re very excited with the advancements that we plan to make,” said a Stanford Athletics representative.

The planned upgrades include a 38-foot-tall bronze statue of head coach Mark Marquess to commemorate his 38 years of coaching Stanford baseball, which will be erected just outside the ticket office.

The home locker room will be equipped with a sauna and hot tub for use by players and coaches as they wind down after games, while players’ lockers will also be labeled with gold plates bearing their names. The bathrooms will also reportedly include stall doors upon completion of the renovation.

Meanwhile, state-of-the-art landline phones will be introduced to both dugouts, intended for communication with the bullpens and the press box in case of perceived scoring errors or faulty pronunciation of players’ names by the public address announcer.

Construction will commence upon the conclusion of spring quarter final exams and is planned to finish before the start of the 2015 season.

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