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Shaw on the Burns fumbled snap: "It was a poor center-quarterback exchange. It was supposed to be a pass and I saw two guys open.": 1 day ago, StanfordDaily Sports
Shaw: "We practiced outstanding the last two weeks...It's my job to figure out how to translate that to the game.": 1 day ago, StanfordDaily Sports
Shaw: "I don't know if there's a better football player on defense in the country than Solomon Thomas.": 1 day ago, StanfordDaily Sports
Shaw: "We're not playing at the level we need at the quarterback.": 1 day ago, StanfordDaily Sports
Shaw: "Offensively, there's a lot of questions we have to answer as a staff...that's on me.": 1 day ago, StanfordDaily Sports
Shaw: "The defense was outstanding...Coach Lance Anderson did a fantastic job.": 1 day ago, StanfordDaily Sports
This is the first time Stanford failed to score a touchdown since the game-that-must-not-named (i.e. 2015 Northwestern): 1 day ago, StanfordDaily Sports
Burns hits Irwin who laterals it to McCaffrey who drops the ball before Love falls on it. Appropriate ending for a mess of a game.: 1 day ago, StanfordDaily Sports
Stanford will have four seconds to make some magic happen. Unlikely but, hey, it's college football.: 1 day ago, StanfordDaily Sports

ROSE BOWL LIVE BLOG: Michigan State defeats Stanford 24-20

Happy New Year everyone, and welcome to The Daily’s live blog of the 100th Rose Bowl Game between No. 5 Stanford and No. 4 Michigan State. We’ll be updating this page with instant coverage and analysis. Please refresh this page for the most recent updates. All times are Pacific.

(Do-Hyoung Park/The Stanford Daily)

(Do-Hyoung Park/The Stanford Daily)

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  • Sergei

    I went to the Rose Bowl last year, but had a bad feeling about this one. Then I saw the line of Stanford -6.5 and became hopeful, but honestly- the boys in Vegas were full of it. Michigan State is clearly a better team.

  • Ari

    Coach Shaw lost the Rose Bowl for Stanford with his atrocious play calling! OMG! Coach, ever heard of an option pass? A rollout? A slant? That one yard and a cloud of dust didn’t work too well against MSU, a tough defense, did it coach? You gave it to them. You made it easy for MSU; you made their coach happy! The final third and one play was a repeat of what hadn’t worked all day! Open up the offense a little already! Sheeesshhh! Absurd. What on earth was he thinking?
    The entire Stanford nation should be grilling Coach Shaw on his pathetic, overly conservative play calling.

  • Ari

    Correction: I meant the final Fourth down and one….what a miserable failure and brain-dead call!