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The Stanford Lifestyle

In our pessimistic, postmodern times, change feels confined to Obama posters and Beyoncé videos. But true change has taken over Intermission, and what was once your beloved “Arts and Entertainment section” now proudly hosts all things cultural di Stanford. That’s right, we’ve gone Lifestyle.

Baffled ye may be, but those deceitful claims that “Stanford has no culture” will be annulled faster than Kim’s marriage. We’re keeping our critic caps on with film and music reviews, but we’re amping up our Stanford coverage, looking at what Stanford’s doing. Not just student performers and artists, but professors, visitors and our neighbors down Palm Drive.

“But we already have a lifestyle section. It’s called sports,” you say. At such a thought we throw our hashtag #LOLs! So far we’ve added profiles of student groups, the Fresh Set –a feature of notable Stanfordians, like student DJ Wiley Webb— and our pages boast two regular sex columns (but we’re looking for more perspectives, if you know what we mean). And this issue premieres two more installments that hold the mirror up to Stanford.

The first, Tattoo Tales will feature one student’s tattoo and all the inky details. This week, Charlotte Camacho gets the scoop on Tom Mallon’s track-inspired tat. The second, Scene at Stanford, marks the beginning of our visual exhibition of Stanford people and culture.

We’ve assembled a master team of student photographers with lenses poised to shoot residents of our fair Farm. We hope to highlight the vibrant aesthetics of students pedaling fixies down Santa Theresa and plucking violins in the CoHo. So buff those wing-tips and practice your pucker, because, when post-apocalyptic Pangeans discover The Daily Archives, will you want Stanford to only be remembered for its clutch athletics and blasé sweatpants?