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Big Ride: Rivalry Done Right

On a campus where taste and dignity are confined to closed-door fundraisers and alumni mixers (we like to imagine), the Stanford Equestrian Team continued its reign as the most dignified host of refinery with its first Big Ride. A more civil nod to the Big Game (Go Card! Or whatever), the Big Ride marries the Stanford team and that of those Bears across the Bay, if only for a day of fundraising and good sport.

Don’t expect hot dogs or foam fingers at this sporting event, though. Students of a more manicured affectation delighted in a showing of horses at Stanford’s hidden gem the Red Barn, tucked cozily between fairways and tennis courts. Prepared bites and Hermes accessories decorated the main arena’s flanks, as visitors donated to their team of choice.  The low-key afternoon replaced the Red Barn Festival, the team’s all-out soiree of fundraising and equestrian spectacle, for the fall at least.

Sasha Arijanto/The Stanford Daily

So is it the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic of Stanford? Not quite, but it’ll keep our glasses full until we don brimmed hats for Derby Days.

  • JB

    The author deserves kudos for highlighting this soon-to-be iconic event on Campus. Berkeley has no such equestrian setting. But then again it is a public institution, for which read “proletariat.” NOCD–Not Our Class, Dear. We must not forget the elitism upon which Stanford was founded, and with which it has continued to flourish. Woe betides a University that misplaces Jane and Leland Stanford’s recipe for a Bloody Mary. Alas, Leland Jr. passed on before he came of legal drinking age. The photograph of the threesome does cause cause for concern: are the young ladies scholarship students, or are they of “attractive backgrounds?” One asks because none wears custom made boots by Vogel..Do these three young woman know these faux pas they are committing? One wonders. Finally, the article lays a marvelous foundation for a follow-up article: Whatever happened to the little statues of those adorable little black jockeys holding those cute little lamps? These not that long ago littered the entire Campus–Stanford’s, not Cal’s. Now one has to venture to the 21 Club in New York to see such art work.