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Wanted: Sex (column)

People at Stanford have sex. We don’t just think it –we know it, we feel it, sometimes we even do it. We talk about sex, in awkward frosh-dorm group settings and casual weekend recaps. We’d like to read about it too, and we want you to write about it.

Intermission has and will continue to publish Roxy Sass, whose irreverent sex column is aimed more to entertain than inform, and we love that about her. But we feel there’s an entire body of sexual activity, confusion and advice at Stanford left untapped, and it’s time we start tapping it.

We don’t have to tell you college is a place where sexually prime young adults live in close quarters and away from society’s watch, breeding a unique sexual air that bears exposure. If it weren’t for sex columnists, we wouldn’t have “Sex and the City,” “Ask Dr. Ruth,” or Dan Savage’s puissant comments on Rick Santorum’s (homo)sexuality. And we wouldn’t have anything to read in “Playboy,” dammit!

Consider this the official Request for Proposal: Stanford Sex Column.

What we want:

A myriad of points of view, experience levels and approaches to sex on the Farm. We want advice, general opinions, suggestions and even — or perhaps especially — personal accounts of sexual experiences, or “sexcapades,” on the Farm and abroad. Second-hand accounts accepted. Anonymity possible.

About you:

Stanford student, professor or otherwise affiliated community member who has sex, has friends who have sex, has thought about sex and would like to write about it. You might be shy or even inexperienced, but your ability to choose sexually relevant topics and describe exciting, educational or otherwise entertaining sexual details makes up for what you may lack in bedpost notches.

Male, female, genderqueer, straight, gay, pansexual, promiscuous, monogamous, virgin, celibate, Republican: we want it all. We’re looking for diverse perspectives and tales from the deep, and we don’t discriminate. Talk to us.

Please direct proposals, suggestions and inquiries to intermission@stanforddaily.com.