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ASSU proposes ‘bro tank’ uniform

“No one ever comes to ASSU Senate meetings besides the elected Senate … and sometimes, not even all the senators are present.”

“Most students in the student body don’t know what the ASSU Senate ‘actually does.’”

“The student body doesn’t even know when ASSU Senate public meetings are.”

These criticisms come from within the ASSU Senate in a bill drafted by current Senator Brianna Pang ‘13 and co-sponsored by three other sitting senators, proposing a unique solution to the Senate’s lack of visibility.

The bill proposes that senators be required to wear “bro tanks” with the words “What is an ASSU Senator?” on the front and “I’m an ASSU Senator, silly!” on the back on the day of Senate meetings. The bill is a throwback to a constitutional amendment suggested by the Senate in 1994 requiring similar attire to be worn by current representatives. The amendment, which was endorsed by The Stanford Daily editorial board, passed and was implemented for one year.

Former Elections Commissioner Adam Adler ‘12 added several suggestions Monday, some of them mocking the current Senate, in an email over the Senate’s public email list. One suggestion recommended the shirt read, “What’s an ASSU Senator do?” on the front and “Nothing, silly! We can’t even show up to make quorum!” on the back, referencing the Senate’s lack of attendance and tangible objectives in recent weeks. He also recommended the rule only be repealed if unanimously decided upon by all senators and Graduate Student Council members.

Additionally, a bill inserting new language to the non-discrimination clause of the ASSU bylaws will be introduced at the Senate’s Tuesday meeting. The addition prohibits discrimination on the basis of “gender identity,” “national origin,” “religious beliefs or lack thereof,” socioeconomic status and/or veteran status. The bylaws already prohibit discrimination based on gender, nationality and religion, among other categories.

-Brendan O’Byrne

  • cardcounter

     Is the ASSU Senate really non-functional or does it just seem that way from the articles I have read over the years in the Daily?  Those first three quotes definitely apply to me.

  • Z.

    If an ASSU Senator wears a stupid bro tank to a hearing, but nobody is there to see it, does it make an impression?