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SAL transfers information to OrgSync causing a few hiccups

Late Sunday night, Student Activities and Leadership (SAL) transferred data over from an old student group registration system to a new one, momentarily causing some student officials to be locked out of their privileges on the site.


Monday morning, several student group leaders reported experiencing problems accessing MyGroups2 — a student group management tool that assists with banking, funding and event planning. According to SAL Dean Nanci Howe, this was a logistical issue, caused by the transfer of information to a new system.


SAL launched a new system for managing student groups last November called OrgSync. The old application, called MyGroups, had its functions divided into two parts: MyGroups1 handled student group registration while MyGroups2 dealt with event planning and banking. Last night, OrgSync took over the functions of MyGroups1.


This transfer of information, however, caused a temporary hiccup for certain group leaders. According to SAL peer adviser Brad Moylan ’13, MyGroups1 allowed student organizations to name as many officers as they wished and designate them certain privileges. The only officers whose information was transferred over to OrgSync though were those in the positions of president, vice president or financial manager.


“The normal officers have been transferred from the old system to OrgSync,” Howe said. “But there are other students that had been given special access — like party planners — that have not.”


Howe said she noticed the problem soon after midnight in the early hours of Monday. Since OrgSync was now linked to MyGroups2, the officers who were not transferred over to the new OrgSync system had lost their privileges in MyGroups2.


Monday evening, several student group leaders reported that their access to MyGroups2 had been restored. Howe wrote in a follow-up email to The Daily that the problem had indeed been resolved.


“There still may be a few glitches, but the main problem has been fixed,” Howe said.


According to Moylan, the information in MyGroups2 will eventually be migrated over to OrgSync as well, consolidating all of the functions for student management into one system.


— Kurt Chirbas