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Cups missing from dining halls

A campus group has allegedly stolen cups from a campus dining hall, leading Toyon residents to use plastic and reusable cups this week. Cups were also in short supply at Wilbur and Stern dining halls this weekend.

In an e-mail to Toyon residents last week, Linx Dining Ambassador Jon Helman ’12 said “most of the cups in the dining hall have been stolen by a group on campus.” Helman would not return requests for an explanation of the allegation.

Wilbur general manager Chad Paeglow and hospitality manager Carole Miller said they could not discuss the apparent shortage in that dining hall either.

The subject of perennial nagging by dorm staff, cup shortages are irking some residents this week.

“I thought it was irritating having to use the Styrofoam and plastic cups,” said Charlotte Greenbaum ’13, a Wilbur resident. “It’s also not very good for the environment.”

Another student said dorm residents simply do not return cups to the hall after taking them into the dorms.

“Right now in West Larkin, there’s a stack of eleven cups sitting at the lounge table, because people like to watch television and eat at the same time,” said Stern resident Teresa Nguyen ’13. “They then forget to put back their cups.”

-Kate Abbott and Marianne LeVine

  • Steven

    Nearly everybody has cups in their room. Follow the Burning Man model and bring your own “campus cup” everywhere you go! Never be without a cup or use styrofoam again!