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How does The Daily’s Tech Section work?

The following questions were answered by The Daily’s Vol. 259 Chief Technology Officer Holden Foreman.

What work does your section do?

Tech Team’s mission is to provide a safe space for students at any level of experience to learn and develop practical skills for web development and/or other intersections of computer science and media (there are many). The team emphasizes individual growth and exploration, so what you do and when is totally up to you! We maintain training materials and a project board for members at all levels to try things that interest them. The CTO is always happy to meet one-on-one with staffers to guide them in their work.

You DO NOT need to know all the terms below, but for reference, you’ll have the opportunity to try:

  1. Frontend (React, TypeScript), backend (WordPress) and/or full-stack web development on our website, which receives millions of page views annually
  2. Implementing custom layouts for content in HTML/CSS and sometimes Javascript (no React needed!)
  3. Mobile app development (React Native)
  4. UI/UX design for our website, mobile app and other Daily projects (in collaboration with Graphics)
  5. Your own projects using our resources and with the support of others on the team

What does joining your section entail? How much work does it look like per week?

Tech Team is all about individual learning and fulfillment. All members can access our web development training videos, occasional live sessions and other materials. You also have total control over your time commitment because you choose which projects to pursue, when and how. You will never be asked to do something you don’t want to do, and you can always back out of things. We understand people get busy! The role of the CTO is to offer training and guidance on a one-on-one level, so you are always welcome to schedule meetings with me to pitch ideas, receive help, discuss interests and/or chat about the Tech X media industry in general.

When does your section meet?

The CTO holds OPTIONAL group meetings and trainings irregularly using when2meet for scheduling, and one-on-ones with the CTO are always encouraged so you can plan out a work/lesson plan that is rewarding and reasonable given your background and interests. In other words, it’s all up to you!

How can people join your section?

Reaching out to the CTO (currently Holden Foreman) over email at [email protected] is the best way to get introduced to the section. If you’re already in The Daily’s Slack workspace, you can DM Holden and join #tech-team-258.

Who can people contact with questions about your section or to join?

Same as above

What could someone stand to gain by joining your section? (I.e. skills, jobs, whatever)

In addition to all that’s covered above, The Daily’s Tech Team is a great way to learn about and even get referred for job opportunities as a software engineer at media companies like The Washington Post. Multiple Daily staffers have interned at The Post in recent years, and The Daily’s current CTO is an incoming full-time software engineer at The Post. The Texas Tribune is another company where a Daily Tech Team member has gone on to land a software engineering internship.

How can people submit ops/grinds/freelance pieces/etc.?

Please reach out to the CTO with any ideas or proposed changes to any of our software that you come across, regardless of your tech experience or involvement with The Daily.