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Surviving the zombie apocalypse

With Halloween imminent, our current situation grows increasingly dire — zombies on planet Earth. I’m not talking about the occasional zombie leaving Green Library bleary-eyed after not being able to make heads or tails out of a math p-set or furiously finishing an essay. I’m talking about real zombies: the heavily contused and emaciated ones…

Humans vs. Zombies rings in the new year

Night has fallen on the Stanford campus, but while the rest of your dorm is hard at work on problem sets, you and a crew of your classmates are out on a special mission. Everything is going according to plan when—what’s that?—you hear a twig snap. You look in fear at the rest of your group, as you all realize with a sense of dread that you forgot your balled-up socks back at the safe zone. At that moment, figures in headbands burst from the shadows—zombies! Despite your trusty Nerf blaster, you are overpowered quickly and mercilessly. You’re dead—worse than dead, you’re now a zombie too.

Students create course on zombie history

Zombies may not have always been the brain-loving, dehumanized remnants of corpses that we now associate with “The Walking Dead” and other similar television shows. In fact, according to Elizabeth Rosen ’13 and Bri Evans ’13, leaders of the student-initiated course Zombies: Anthropology of the American Undead, the modern zombie is just the latest iteration of a complex and compelling subject.

Top 5: Ways to kill a zombie

To commemorate the second season premiere of “The Walking Dead” on AMC last Sunday, the cast selected their choice zombie-slaying tools at New York Comic-Con. We here at Intermission aren’t sure if we’re ready to live a life of secluded Twinkie-eating and cockroach-befriending quite yet, but just in case that darned zombie apocalypse pops up anytime soon, here’s how we’d deal with those undead suckers.