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Naidu: Thank you, Dirk

Not going to lie, this sucks. Dallas Mavericks’ legend Dirk Nowitzki is likely playing his final two career games within the next 48 hours – with his home finale tonight against the Phoenix Suns. “Impending retirement” provides an insufficient phrase to describe the waning days of Dirk Werner Nowitzki’s decorated career. Dirk has meant so…

Naidu: The mistreatment of Ty Montgomery

Ty Montgomery, former wide receiver for the Stanford Cardinal and member of the Stanford class of 2015, made a crucial mistake last Sunday.

With just over two minutes remaining in the game, the undefeated Los Angeles Rams kicked a field goal to take a 29-27 lead over Montgomery and the Green Bay Packers. On the ensuing kickoff, Montgomery fielded the ball just inside the Packers end zone and returned it to the 21-yard line only to fumble and give the Rams possession.

Naidu: My Mavericks

As a sports columnist for The Stanford Daily, I always try my best to cover material that piques the average Stanford sports reader’s interest. Thus, the diversity of Stanford’s student body means I must strive to cover timely topics that appeal to a variety of fan bases and sports.

Naidu: Just one fist pump

Records aside, Tiger Woods is the most talented golfer the world has seen. He won 14 major championships in 11 years. He was rocked by scandal and suffered major injuries in the prime of his career a decade ago. If Woods’ body had held up and he had been able to be as steadily competitive as he was in the first half of his career, he’d have upwards of 20 major championships – well past Jack Nicklaus’ record of 18.

Naidu: Confessions of a fan

I have not always been a faithful football fan. For a few years, I did not support the Dallas Cowboys. In fact, for the majority of high school, there were many times I rooted against the only football team I had ever loved. I rooted against the very team I cried over when it fell in an upset to the eventual Super Bowl champion New York Giants in the 2007 season. I turned my back on the team belonging to the only city I ever lived in before college.

Naidu: Faux All-Stars

If the NBA wants it’s increasingly tangential All-Star game to retain any credibility, it must reduce the impact of fan voting on the game’s starters. Lonzo Ball, shooting is averaging 10 points, 7 rebounds, and 7 assists per game with a 12.17 Player Efficiency Rating (PER) for the bottom-five Los Angeles Lakers. Meanwhile, Damian Lillard of the sixth-seeded Portland Trail Blazers is posting 25, 6.5 and 4.8 with a PER of 22.82. Ball received more than 27 thousand more votes than Lillard. Meanwhile, fellow Lakers’ rookie Kyle Kuzma out-voted Minnesota Karl-Anthony Towns, in the league’s first returns of fan voting, despite Towns’ scoring four more points per game with a PER nearly nine points higher.