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A letter to my fall quarter self

Dear Fall Quarter Serena,   As the year wraps up, I’ve been doing quite a bit of reflection. Honestly, it’s one of my ways of pushing off the studying that must be done before finals, but let’s just agree that it’s a productive use of time. College has been everything you thought it would be for…

Q&A: Philosophy professor Ray Briggs on politics’ role in modern poetry

Ray Briggs is a professor of philosophy at Stanford, and has published two books of poetry: “Free Logic” and “Common Sexual Fantasies, Ruined,” in addition to the zine “Modern American Gods” (in collaboration with artist Anna Zusman). “Free Logic” won the 2012 Thomas Shapcott Poetry Prize for emerging poets in Queensland and was shortlisted for a 2014 Queensland Literary Award.

[copy RW] Poetry (1/2): Nancy Chang

It All Becomes Oblong  The length of the snap pea Exactly matches that of my pinky finger: Carbon sequestered, Water to disappear unseen. I want to become myself, The way that earth turns brown into green. Frame Rate Maybe if I just describe him completely, Well enough, He’ll stay permanently fixed. I’ll never keep him still,…

Having your writing workshopped

This quarter, I’m in a Special Topics creative writing seminar called War & Writing. The class was intended to bridge the gap between veterans and non-veterans through the art of storytelling. It is a 16-person seminar comprised of eight veterans and eight non-veterans. It has been the most rewarding class that I’ve taken at Stanford…