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In second Tanner Lecture, Power addresses U.S. diplomacy during Trump administration

On Thursday evening, former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power addressed international diplomacy during Donald Trump’s presidency in her second Tanner Lecture on Human Values. In the talk, Power said that America’s global standing has fallen dramatically under Trump. Power described a new model of diplomacy to tackle what she defined as unique 21st century challenges.

The Gambia: An unfolding political climate to watch

The political situation in The Gambia has been especially tense ever since the most recent elections: the current president, Yahya Jammeh, who has held office for over two decades, lost to the opposition candidate, Adama Barrow. While initially Jammeh had said that he would accept the election results, he is now contesting them by appealing to the country’s Supreme Court. This is worrisome because if Jammeh continues to resist relinquishing his power when the time comes for transition with the inauguration of Barrow this Thursday there could be violence in The Gambia.

We’re still talking about Ebola?

We need to be more aware and care, regardless of how far away people are. They are people, and as a result, we have a responsibility to care about what’s going on the world. All of the issues in the world. “It’s too hard,” or “it’s too far away,” or “it’s too overwhelming,” are not adequate excuses and they don’t absolve us of our responsibility to at least know and care to know what’s going on.