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Two wheels can only go so far

The summer before my freshman year, the idea of biking everywhere gave me butterflies — the good kind. Sun on my skin, no helmet on my head and, most important, no longer confined to the mundane paths of the same local parks that I had been biking through since the age of wearing Barbie knee-pads…

Top 5: Ways to Beat the Heat

JFK talked about it in a letter. We came to Stanford for it. We backdoor brag about it to our East Coast friends all the time. And now it’s oppressive. Yeah – we’re talking about the heat. And now that it feels like full-fledged summer in this so-called spring quarter and the administration seems to be installing new pools – we mean fountains – left and right, it’s time we decide just where to dip our toes. Here are Intermission’s Top 5 ways to beat the heat.