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ASSU, student groups take issue with SAL’s open membership policy

Throughout the quarter, Student Activities & Leadership (SAL) has drawn controversy among student groups over its open membership policy, which requires that voluntary student organizations (VSOs) “must be broadly open and welcoming to all Stanford students” and “are expected to develop recruitment and membership practices that ensure open and easy access to membership.

ASSU Senate brings in Harry Elam to discuss OpenXChange, talks open membership policy

The fourth meeting of the quarter for the 17th ASSU Undergraduate Senate took place Tuesday evening. Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education Harry Elam attended the Senate meeting to discuss OpenXChange and respond to activists’ concerns. Associate dean and director of Student Activities and Leadership (SAL) Nanci Howe also came to discuss open membership requirements for Voluntary Student Organisations (VSOs).

Student groups talk applying to create new organizations, maintaining funding

With over 650 student groups already formally recognized, students looking to create a new club or organization can do so through Student Activities and Leadership (SAL). However, while SAL accepts applications for new groups at the beginning of each quarter, not all groups have an easy time getting approved. Likewise, the continued survival of a club isn’t always guaranteed.

In this article, The Stanford Daily will take a look into what it takes to create a new student group, what options students have when creating their own organization, and what it takes to retain status as an official group.