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Op-Ed: Campaign to Abstain Obscures Student Opinion

While I well understand the principled stance taken by John Haskell in his Op-Ed of April 6, practical considerations compel me to state my reluctant opposition to it. It does not seem to me that adhering firmly to established moral principles will in this case necessarily lead to the best practical outcome, as Mr. Haskell himself would probably define it, this campaign week.

Executive Slate Op-Ed: Tenzin-Vasquez

We are Tenzin Seldon ‘12 and Joe Vasquez ‘11 and we are looking to be your next ASSU Executives. We have been actively involved in the Stanford community both inside the ASSU and out and are looking to bring a new level of inclusion, relevance and excitement to student involvement. We are running to make a difference in a real way, to bring diverse and rich communities together and to work on issues facing every Stanford student.

Editorial: Becoming an informed voter, and why it matters

Many would argue that turnout is relatively low because the ASSU doesn’t have an impact on the day-to-day lives of students, but this notion is incorrect. If you are a member of a student group, or even if you attend an event hosted by one, you are benefiting from the ASSU funding process. The influence of the ASSU is also evident in something as simple as reserving an Old Union room — the current online system exists because, two years ago, an Executive administration created it.