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Op-Ed: Ballot issues and the right to abstain

I voted in the recent ASSU election, and on many questions, the ballot prevented me from abstaining. For example, I only wanted to rank two of the Executive slates, but I was forced to rank all five. This led to my third, fourth, and fifth choices defaulting to the ballot’s random ordering. On the Annual Grants, I had to choose either “yes” and “no” for organizations I barely recognized. That can’t be the best way to allocate thousands of dollars.

Why we support ASSU constitutional reform

As members of the Associated Students of Stanford University (ASSU) all undergraduate and graduate students at Stanford play crucial roles in improving student life and supporting student organizations on campus. The legislative bodies of the ASSU—the Undergraduate Senate and Graduate Student Council—are dedicated to being conscientious stewards of student trust and funds. Moreover, all branches of the ASSU are committed to ensuring sound and transparent student government policies and practices. In pursuit of these objectives, ASSU leadership launched a project team last Spring comprised of members of each major ASSU branch. We, the ASSU Constitutional Reform Project Team, have drafted five Constitutional reforms over the past year that will be placed on the 2019 Spring Election ballot that we strongly encourage you to support.

Californians vote on 11 statewide propositions

On Election Day, California voters elected Democrat Gavin Newsom as their new governor over Republican challenger John Cox and decided the fate of 11 high-stakes statewide propositions affecting issues from children’s hospitals to rent control. Five propositions were passed, four were rejected and two had yet to be called early Wednesday morning. Political analysts kept…

After exhaustive registration efforts, student voter turnout in Tuesday midterms expected to spike from prior elections

On Tuesday — the day of the 2018 midterm — Stanford students registered to vote in Santa Clara County will be able to cast their ballots at any of five locations on campus: Tresidder Union, the Haas Center for Public Service, Stanford West Apartments, Escondido Elementary School and Nixon Elementary School. The polling places will…