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ASSU Senate talks VSOs, sustainable dining hall, special fee waivers

On Tuesday night, the ASSU 17th Undergraduate Senate met in its twelfth meeting as a senate, discussing the involvement of pre-professional groups with the open membership bill as well as a bill to require Volunteer Student Organizations (VSOs) custom products purchasing through Stanford Student Enterprises (SSE). The Senate continued discussion regarding a sustainable food themed dining hall.

New Senate takes office, elects chair

The 13th Undergraduate Senate held its last meeting Tuesday night, followed immediately by a meeting of the newly confirmed 14th Undergraduate Senate. After electing a new chair and deputy chair, the newly elected Senate’s first order of business was to unanimously approve $1,000 in discretionary spending for the legislative body’s retreat.

Reality Check: Popping the bubble

People on campus are quick to say they want to leave the Stanford bubble, but I don’t think putting geographic distance between yourself and campus is going to necessarily work. I’ve never felt as detached from campus as I do when at the zoo, and the PAJMZ is a mere nine blocks off campus. There are groups that venture further for service based goals and still drag the bubble with them. What about those that don’t necessarily have a passion for the topics targeted by the group, but are looking for a way to escape campus living? Really, unless you distance yourself from the remnants of the Farm, you aren’t doing much except toting the pressures of Stanford living around with you.