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Veteran attending DeVry offers insight about higher education

Although I am just one veteran, my story should be told to represent DeVry University in a positive way. The focus of the previous Daily article was lost in translation because of its factual errors. I wish again to applaud the efforts of the group Service to School. I do not wish to undermine their efforts in assisting fellow veterans. I only wish that stories such as mine along with the additional facts presented here were reflected in the original article.

Researchers devise new clinical trial system

A team of Boston- and Stanford-based researchers has devised a less costly, clinic-based approach to randomized clinical trials (RCT) that shifts patients to a more successful therapy as the trial progresses. The method, based on the Veteran’s Affairs (VA) electronic medical records system (EMR), is currently being tested in a comparative effectiveness trial of two insulin regimens in the Boston VA system.