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When ‘Keep your head in the game’ goes too far: Student-athletes, mental health and the drug of expectation

When an athlete tears their ACL, trainers and medics immediately rush to the scene. In the weeks that follow, a flood of coaches, trainers, physiotherapists, strength and conditioning staff and medical specialists are fully invested in getting that athlete physically healthy again. Injured athletes receive treatment and physiotherapy every day until they’re once more able…

Varsity athletics programs to fly carbon-neutral

Stanford’s varsity athletics program will be the first in the country to become carbon-neutral in air travel with the student-initiated program, Stanford Carbon Offsets to Reduce Emissions (SCORE). The program works with carbon offset company 3degrees to invest money into a landfill methane recycling project. Energy produced from the landfill methane will then save emissions equivalent to the annual emissions from the Athletics Department’s flights.

The project’s partners include clubs Students for a Sustainable Stanford (SSS) as well as Stanford Students Environmental Consulting (SSEC), with additional support from the Athletics Department, the Office of Sustainability and the School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Science. A grant from the TomKat Ranch Educational Foundation will primarily fund the project, providing $3,062 to cover all 36 varsity sports teams over the next year.