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What do we really value?

I’ve never been one to take strong stances on political issues. If there are arguments to be made on either side of a contentious topic, I’m usually able to empathize enough with both viewpoints so as to temper my own leanings. I’m wary of absorbing my parents’ or peers’ values wholesale, and I’m much better…

Using death to teach us about life

Here it is: Why don’t we talk about death? The questions around end of life include some of the most important questions in our world, yet we rarely take the time to educate ourselves about this. Do we not discuss because we are scared? Because the very word death is taboo? Or do we remain silent because of what thinking about death might reveal about us and the way we live? I won’t be so presumptuous and crass as to intuit why we don’t talk about death that much on campus.