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A Republican love affair

This is the story of a Republican love affair: a love affair with Benghazi and a love affair with buzzwords. The release of a new poll last week made Republicans fall in love (again): According to Rasmussen Reports, 72 percent of Americans want “the truth” about what happened in Benghazi (what else they would want remains unclear). But that does not give Republicans the right to make hay – or politics – even when the sun doesn’t shine. Where was the Republican outrage when the Bush administration endangered the life of Valerie Plame, the aforementioned CIA operative? It’s time to move on. Move on to Americans in need.

“Compassionate Conservatism” and the Unemployment Debate

For weeks, President Obama and the Democrats have been fighting to restore extensions to the Emergency Unemployment Compensation program. But on Feb. 6, Republicans blocked the $6 billion three-month extension in the Senate, insisting that their amendments and suggestions had not been considered. The extension would have increased financial assistance for the unemployed from the…