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Nerd is the word, geek is the speak

Whether we embrace our obsessions with Lord of the Rings or particle physics, or whether we really believe that the geeks get the girls, there’s no better time than now for putting aside concerns of social awkwardness and focusing instead on the interests and inclinations that mark our contributions to our jobs and our communities.

The expectation of perfection

Today, with the rapid spread of media through the Internet, it is easy to find examples of great people. Anyone with access to the web can listen to YouTube videos of the world’s most virtuosic musicians or follow skilled artists on deviantART or Tumblr. The talented, the intelligent, the accomplished and the beautiful are popularized…

Good Question: Musings on #whatshouldwecallme

When I shirk away from a problem set to sit in mindless bliss on my computer, Reddit and Imgur (Reddit minus words) are my go-to sites. (Not to mention Facebook, which is, regrettably, a given.) Few other things can capture my attention so addictively. As of late, however, some Tumblr accounts have been catching my eye. Texts From Bennett was, of course, a work of art, but the relatively recent #whatshouldwecallme page proves to be a sinkhole for productivity.

Ravalations: Dear The Stanford Fund

There a few things that all Stanford students seem to bond over: the beautiful weather (the number of screen captures I’ve seen that compare the weather here to the weather in Cambridge, where it is 32 degrees, is much too high, and yet every photo has multiple Facebook likes), petitions (this past week has been full of Senate and special fees requests in particular), and our common dislike of TSF letters.