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Top 5: Annoying Trends In All Y’all’s Facebook Statuses

For most of you, Facebook is a way to communicate, share pictures with your best cyber friends and enemies, make yourself seem cool, avoid your mother’s friend request and stalk the wedding photos of your Southern friends. But for those of us who avidly analyze socio-cultural trends in the modern, tethered youth, certain stylistic choices in status updates have become overused to the point where they are just one more update away from crossing the nebulous division from trope into cliché. Read the critique and recognize your own crimes — one dedicated Facebook-user/Daily Reader at a time, the following five trends can be eradicated. Happy Facebooking!

Good Question: Musings on #whatshouldwecallme

When I shirk away from a problem set to sit in mindless bliss on my computer, Reddit and Imgur (Reddit minus words) are my go-to sites. (Not to mention Facebook, which is, regrettably, a given.) Few other things can capture my attention so addictively. As of late, however, some Tumblr accounts have been catching my eye. Texts From Bennett was, of course, a work of art, but the relatively recent #whatshouldwecallme page proves to be a sinkhole for productivity.