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Wanderlust: A snobby way of being polite on an airplane

I often wonder why I’m always so inspired to write when I’m sitting on an airplane. As I head home this weekend for a breath of cool Minnesota air and some fabulous (and free!) home-cooked meals, I have this constant reminder shaking me of why I should be polite on an airplane. I wonder why on earth the person behind me keeps banging on my seatback. Maybe we all need a bit of a reminder of flying etiquette.

Foreign Correspondence: A Mile A Minute in Madrid

Four weeks, four countries, six airplanes, one bus, 40+ hours of travel time. Couple that with class Monday through Thursday, a full workload (maybe not a full Stanford workload, but still) and the Madrileño tendency to stay out until 7 o’clock in the morning when partying, and you have my schedule for last month in a nutshell. February may be the shortest month of the year, but that didn’t stop me from packing as many travel endeavours into its 28 days as possible.

Wanderlust: Ciao Italia!

Perhaps it was last weekend’s memorable Casa party, or just nostalgia of my freshman year, but this week I’m sharing my first foray into spontaneous international travel. My upperclass partner-in-crime had gone abroad to Florence, and one day while in my sad and deranged state mourning her loss, I serendipitously came across a very cheap flight to Florence. My roommate certainly thought I was crazy, but his approving “go for it, Johnny” was all I needed. Logically, I booked the flight right in the middle of the quarter — Valentine’s Day weekend. Soon enough my phone was “lost,” I came down with a “really bad cold” and I winged my way across the Atlantic for some wine, gnocchi and gelato.

Wanderlust: How it all started

As I wing my way across the continental U.S. on a morning flight to New York, I’m thinking back on how my travel interest came to be. Gone are the days of middle school track practice when the coach would quiz us on what type of plane was passing overhead. Too bad, because I was that kid who had memorized the list from the Northwest Airlines in-flight magazine, impressing the coach, yet probably leaving my teammates slightly annoyed.