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Top 5: Animated Disney Movies

At this point in the quarter, it’s easy to remember why being a kid is so fantastic—and, of course, we’re all looking for procrastination in any form: especially a movie. As we sob over a generation of kids who have never seen Cinderella because they’re too busy texting on their iPhones at age seven, Intermission takes a look at the greatest Disney animated classics.

Top 5: Things Stanford students complain about

So you get into The Princeton Review’s No. 1 dream school, you ship off to sunny California and you dip into life as a true Stanford student, hoping to continue the ill-fated Leland Stanford Junior’s legacy. And after logging into Axess, there’s only one thing left to do: complain. But the educated and elite don’t just rattle off grumbles and gripes like any run-of-the-mill college kid.

Top 5: Romantic comedies of the last decade

It’s Valentine’s Day, and that means either it’s time to receive hundreds of dollars worth of gifts that will either wilt or go bad in a week, or now’s your chance to spend some quality time staring at your computer screen watching bad movies. If option two sounds more like your life, here are five flicks that aren’t as pitiful to watch on Valentine’s Day as “Titanic.”

Top 5: Confusing song titles

Being a songwriter is a tough business. The mainstream audience is surprisingly fickle, albeit not particularly discerning. Assuming you manage to navigate the pitfalls of pop songwriting and churn out something at least 60-percent original(ish), there’s still one more hurdle to clear. Your next big hit needs a big title, one that audiences can instantly identify with.