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Venkataraman: One last gasp

I spent much of Saturday afternoon screaming at my television, losing my mind over what seemed to be yet another playoff failure by Tom Brady and my beloved Patriots. And then, something truly remarkable happened — the New England Patriots’ supposedly much-improved defense finally decided to show up at Gillette Stadium, Tom Brady turned into Super Tom…

Venkataraman: Enjoying perhaps the last Brady-Manning duel

Brady-Manning XV. Was there ever any doubt?

In this wild and wacky NFL season, complete with all the hallmarks of true drama, including, but not limited to, stirring comebacks, coaching malfeasance, strange fines, blown calls, concussion controversy and even some occasionally excellent football, the AFC playoffs find themselves perched on the precipice of another entry in the logbook of the quarterback rivalry of our generation.

Venkataraman: Coaching conundrums affect games

When Tom Brady threw one of the worst interceptions of his storied career against the New Orleans Saints, I turned the TV off and went back to my homework. After all, there were just over two minutes left on the clock, the opposing quarterback was Drew Brees, the opposing head coach was Sean Payton and in the immortal words of Bart Scott, the Patriots defense has often struggled to “stop a nosebleed.”