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New Women in Theater company to provide platform for women and non-binary students to explore more roles

A new student group sets out to show that all the world’s truly a stage – with more balanced gender representation.

Women in Theater (WiT), a newly formed theater company, seeks to provide a platform for women and non-binary students interested in theater the opportunity to explore more roles in the traditionally male-dominated field. Cofounded by Leah Slang ’18, Lillian Bornstein ’18 and Emma Jackson-Smith ’18, the company recently held their first interest meeting.

Nufonia Must Fall comes to life at Bing

An adorable marshmallow-headed robot falls in love with a beautiful human scientist. That’s the gist of the plot in “Nufonia Must Fall,” but it comes nowhere close to a justifiable summary. That’s because “Nufonia” is an intricate multimedia production, and the many layers of craftsmanship that go into its live performance are the backbone of…

London theater review: Technically impressive ‘War Horse’ fails to dig deep

The West End’s “War Horse” successfully showcases captivating stage pictures and astounding technical achievements to continue bringing in audiences and box office success (it’s been running since 2009 in the West End’s New London Theatre after a two-year run at the National Theatre). The production is well-executed, but the story doesn’t go much below the…