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Classy Classes: Students go ham for ‘Hamilton’ in AFRICAAM 5I

In a 1-unit lecture series, CSRE 5I: “Hamilton: An American Musical,” students examine the life of Alexander Hamilton and his contemporaries through an in-depth analysis of the critically-acclaimed Broadway musical that lends its namesake to the course title. The interdisciplinary course invites faculty from several departments – African & African American studies (AAAS), comparative studies in race and ethnicity, theater and performance studies (TAPS) and history, to name a few – to share their perspectives on the music, casting and storytelling of the musical.

Theater review: TAPS’ ‘Spring Awakening’ is an inaugural production to be remembered

Any first production in Stanford’s newly renovated Roble Studio Theater was bound to draw attention. But the inaugural performance of “Spring Awakening – The Musical” was more than a simple showcase of TAPS’ state-of-the-art performance space. The production is a masterpiece. Directed by VPUE Harry Elam, Jr. (artistic director) and Ken Savage ’14 (stage director), “Spring…

Well-executed ‘Machinal’ delves into a 1920s murder trial

The TAPS production of Sophie Treadwell’s 1928 play this past weekend at the Nitery Theater was indeed mechanical — well-executed and smartly designed. Directed by Sammi Cannold ’16 and produced by Christina Medina ’15 as her senior project for TAPS, the show efficiently tells the story of a woman, Helen Jones (Elisa Vidales ’18), accused of murdering her husband and the path that led her there. Often symbolic rather than personal, we understand Helen’s journey intellectually without necessarily connecting emotionally.