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Marks My Words: TV Show-offs

It was a warm, lazy afternoon, and the BBQ was going splendidly. We joked about the strange antics of our parents, and then one person blurted out, “My mom is really good at dressing up like Dwight!” Bursts of laughter ensued, and I joined along even as I groaned inwardly. I knew what would happen next. I reached for a pita chip, took a hefty dollop of hummus and leaned back in my chair, physically removing myself from the conversation. It happened. And it lasted for a good ten minutes.

Webb 2.0: Dead Week Sweeps

Welcome, freshmen, to Dead Week. Your friends from other universities may have told you about an incredible week where they have literally nothing to do but study for their finals. As of this week, those people are no longer your friends. They aren’t liars, but they may as well be, because Dead Week is anything…