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When ‘Keep your head in the game’ goes too far: Student-athletes, mental health and the drug of expectation

When an athlete tears their ACL, trainers and medics immediately rush to the scene. In the weeks that follow, a flood of coaches, trainers, physiotherapists, strength and conditioning staff and medical specialists are fully invested in getting that athlete physically healthy again. Injured athletes receive treatment and physiotherapy every day until they’re once more able…

Grieving at Stanford

Stanford seems like bliss–there’s the eternal sunshine, the palm trees, the smiling students… In fact, Stanford students are so loath to admit to any kind of misery whatsoever that when asked “How are you?” the standard response is “Great!” We’re the university that talks about climate change and social justice issues, but the one thing…

“Taking care of each other” and mental health

You’ve learned to check in with your buddies when they want to drive home from EBF Happy Hour. You’ve learned to guide your girlfriend’s stumbling feet to keep the spikes of her heels from tripping on pavement cracks. It’s time we learn how to check in with regard to mental health – to take care of each other so we don’t let anyone fall through the real cracks.