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No turkey for me

Each year, my family does the whole Thanksgiving sha-bang. We make a turkey (or buy it on years we’re feeling lazy) and fill our dining table with a cornucopia of foods — stuffing, cranberry sauce, cornbread. We gather around the dining room table instead of the regular kitchen table, sometimes with family from out of…

Are you serious about Big Game?

Me too.

I take the Big Game seriously.

I know Stanford gets a lot of commentary (or perhaps not – perhaps it’s just us that likes to think that we get that much attention) about how we’re so extra when it comes to the Big Game, but I think that’s just an example of how we take school spirit seriously. I appreciate the students who camp out in White Plaza days leading up to the game. I appreciate the fountains turning red. I appreciate our Band – I appreciate them more if they don’t walk on the field before the game is over (but they only did this once (I think?), so let us forgive them).

Reads of gratefulness

In the week leading up to Thanksgiving break, Reads beat writers gathered together to share a read they are grateful for having in their lives and to reflect on its significance.   Sofia Schlozman, Contributing Writer (sschloz ‘at’ “If I Should Have a Daughter” by Sarah Kay: For a long time, I thought that…

Saying ‘thank you’

Thanking people is a lost art. Or rather, we’re thanking people so much these days – “Thank you for your time,” “Thank you for sharing,” “Thank you for your consideration,” “thx”– that we’re never taking the time to thank anyone. Let me clarify what I mean. Thanking has become generic, almost only an indicator of…