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Remote Nomad: ‘Misfits’

If you imagined “Heroes,” but British and “edgy,” then you’d end up with “Misfits,” a show that’s been made popular in America thanks to Hulu bringing it across the pond last year. It’s about a group of young criminals who gain superpowers in a mysterious storm while doing community service, as well as the surprisingly unfortunate luck they have after the storm. But the comparisons are more than skin-deep; looking at “Misfits’” structure over the years reveals a lot of other parallels between the two shows.

Stuff We Love: Vampire Diaries

As a self-proclaimed “Twilight” hater, I saw previews for “The Vampire Diaries” back in 2009 and rolled my eyes at the CW Network’s attempt to cash in on the nation’s vampire hysteria. I only started watching the series because I thought it would provide the same unintentional laughs “Twilight” did. At first, the plot even seemed lazily similar to that of “Twilight”: mopey human girl Elena meets broody vampire Stefan and falls in love, while mysterious “animal attacks” plague their gloomy small town of Mystic Falls.

Remote Nomad: Alcatraz can’t escape from procedural tropes

It feels a little unfair to review a J.J. Abrams show as early as I am doing with “Alcatraz.” Not to name names, but the shows he produces have a tendency to either take a while to warm up or slowly peter out–or both. But “Alcatraz” doesn’t seem like it’s going to be bucking any trends; so far it seems like it will fit pretty smoothly into the former category.

Networks debut midseason lineups

As 2012 kicks off, we are presented with the gift of midseason premieres. Just a couple of years ago, the midseason was a wasteland for awful TV shows that networks were forced to air in place of their other awful cancelled shows. However, with several midseason successes each year, running from “Seinfeld” to last year’s hidden gem “Happy Endings,” there are always a couple of diamonds in the rough that turn out to be truly wonderful shows worth watching.