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Reads of gratefulness

In the week leading up to Thanksgiving break, Reads beat writers gathered together to share a read they are grateful for having in their lives and to reflect on its significance.   Sofia Schlozman, Contributing Writer (sschloz ‘at’ “If I Should Have a Daughter” by Sarah Kay: For a long time, I thought that…

TEDxStanford tickets sell out in less than 10 minutes

The fourth annual TEDx Stanford event, which will take place on Sunday, May 17, sold out within ten minutes of the tickets becoming available last Wednesday.

The CEMEX auditorium, where the event will be held, has a capacity of just under 600 people, and owing to the high demand for tickets, Executive Producer Melinda Sacks, who is also the director of media initiatives for the Stanford University Office of Public Affairs, said she will be looking at possibly moving the event to a bigger venue next year.

Video games, entertainment and the point of art

In the realm of video games, there has historically been little distinction between medium and content–a “video game” is a type of content expressed through the medium of “video game”. I propose to make this distinction more explicit. Let “interactive media” refer to the medium as a whole. This accurately reflects the primary characteristic that distinguishes video games from everything else: they require the active participation of at least one person.