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On beginnings

I recently came across a poem by the Internet poet “atticus” that goes, “At the beginning there was nothing but love and stardust. My heart yearns to begin again.” I loved this idea of starting again, of allowing yourself the time and space to step back and create a new beginning. One of my dorm-mates…

The future of streaming music

From LPs to cassettes to compact discs, recorded music has undergone a significant metamorphosis over the course of the 20th century. Now, in the Internet age, the way we experience music is evolving faster than ever. Download-centered platforms like iTunes have become passé, and even customizable services like Pandora have struggled to remain relevant. Digital…

Film review: “The Giver”

Released just over 20 years ago, Lois Lowry’s dystopian novel “The Giver” quickly found success to such a large extent that now it is used in many middle-school literature curricula. A few years after the book’s release, talks began to make a film adaptation. And 18 years after those rumors started, “The Giver” has finally found its way to the big screen.

The film follows a young man named Jonas (Brenton Thwaites), who lives in a seemingly utopian society. The futuristic community has no emotion, no color and no differences. Jonas has a rare ability referred to as “the capacity to see beyond,” which in turn gets him selected to be the new Receiver of Memory. He works with the prior Receiver (Jeff Bridges) — who is now referred to as The Giver — who passes down memories from past generations and Jonas experiences all the things, from sledding to war, that have been removed from his society. And as he begins to act out with his newfound knowledge, he finds himself in trouble with The Elders.

Senior Sit Down: Scott Platshon answers The Daily’s questions

After being named an All-American as a high school senior at Menlo School, a stone’s throw from Palm Drive, senior Scott Platshon earned the starting goalkeeper job this season for the Stanford men’s water polo team. Platshon allowed just one goal in his first career start and has No. 3 Stanford set to make a run at a NCAA Tournament berth when the Mountain Pacific Sports Federation Tournament begins on Nov. 23.

Stuff We Love: Taylor Swift

I discovered Taylor Swift in eighth grade. Actually, it wasn’t so much a discovery as it was a desperate attempt to understand what my pop culture savvy classmates were gushing about every day at lunch. I was a TV, AIM and MySpace ignoramus, and since those were the prime social currency, I was clueless as my friends sang “Our Song” on mind-numbing repeat.