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Editorial: A better approach to away game subsidies

The ASSU recently announced that it is offering $10 checks to the first 250 Stanford students who submit tickets from Stanford’s football game at USC last Saturday. This policy, publicly hinted at in an Oct. 18 post on a Senator’s Facebook page but otherwise not widely advertised until after the game, is advertised as a way to “help defray the cost of the ticket” from the game. Though many students drove to Los Angeles to attend the thrilling triple-overtime game, the premise of these subsidies and their execution is questionable.

Seeing Green: Beyond the Pail

“Look: cereal costs more than beef, even though cattle eat grain,” my dad said. I was 7, more interested in enjoying our supermarket excursion (chances to accompany Dad on his grocery runs diminished sharply when elementary school began) than in deciphering his reference to the imbalance in food prices driven by government subsidies. As far as I could tell, cows ate grass — and there wasn’t a scrap of grass (or, in retrospect, anything natural at all) in my Count Chocula.