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Community centers: a long struggle for resources

Community centers’ push for increased resources – a perennial issue raised by student groups and representatives – has a long history. Challenges over the years range from a lack of professional staff and space for student groups to the threat of budget cuts affecting hours of operation and programming. This has led to a cycle of activism among students who hope to maintain and grow the community centers.

Julia Starr’s new play “The Long Way Around” shines in intimate, immersive production

The play is a bold and original new work with well-crafted characters and poetic, evocative language, which particularly shines during Addie’s soliloquies. Starr fluidly tackles the potential challenges of combining so many dissonant characters and storylines by grounding them around the relationship between Addie and Luce, whose scenes adeptly portray the fragility of human contact and the tenuousness of relationships. Carefully crafted moments of connection between Addie and Luce combined with humorous one-liners allow Starr to tackle weighty and complex themes with buoyancy.

International Women’s Week features global student volunteers

In recognition of International Women’s Week, the Stanford Women’s Community Center held a panel discussion Tuesday featuring students who are actively engaged in international community service projects. Anne Firth Murray — a founding president of the Global Fund for Women, which provides funds internationally to seed, strengthen and link groups committed to women’s well-being — moderated the event.